Writing a Business Plan for Chicken Farming


business plan


Writing a business plan is a crucial step whether you are starting a new business or managing a going enterprise. The outline force you to think and plan ahead. Having a properly structured business plan is a prerequisite if you are going to approach a financial institution for finance. If your aim is to secure a loan from a bank or a grant from Government you will have to focus on the financial aspects. You will be writing about the assets you already own or plan to purchase.

Your business plan plots the course of action for you to follow using the information you have gathered during planning. Write logical statements that are easily understood by someone with little knowledge of the poultry industry. Financial institutions do not like bulky documents to peruse. Your business plan must inspire confidence in you the entrepreneur(s) and the proposed venture.

Here at www.chickenbiz.com we have created all the tools you need to write a successful Business Plan and to assist you in your farming enterprise whether you are having a layer or broiler farm or a combination of both anywhere in the world. Included in the tool kit is the following absolutely essential business tools to use to write a successful business plan for both Layer or Broiler Farms and to manage your Cash Flow and Stock 


Our Premium Quality Tools Available 

Writing a Business Plan Outline ( word document )

Writing a business plan outline

Broiler Farming Tools:

  • Sample Business Plan for Broilers ( word document)

Sample Business Plan for Broilers doc

  • Broiler Farm Cash Flow Projection ( word document )

Broiler Farm Cash Flow Projection doc


  • Broiler Record Card ( word document )

Broiler Record Card doc


  • Broiler Input Costs ( excel work book )

Broiler Input Costs excel

  • Broiler Production Records ( excel work book )

Boiler & Layer Production Record excel


Layer Farming Tools:

  • Sample Business Plan For Layers ( word document )

Sample Business Plan for Layers doc

  • Layer Farm Cash Flow Projection ( word document )

Layer Farm Cash Flow Projection doc

  • Layer Calculation Formulas ( word document )

Layer Calculation Formulas doc

  • Layer Flock Production Summary ( word document )

Layer Flock Production Summary doc

  • Layer Input Costs ( excel work book )

Layer Input Costs excel

  • Projected Cash Flow for a Small Layer farm ( excel work book )

Projected cash flow for a layer farm excel


The tools consist of documents in  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Worksheets







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