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Thank You

As promised on social media i.e our page on Facebook we are going to post today. The first item on our post today is to say THANK YOU to ALL who LIKED our page on Facebook. We would also like to say thank you to the Facebook people who engaged us for advice on Facebook. We would like to request you to e mail us directly at the following E Mail address.


We promise to try and answer all e mails received.

The second item on our agenda is an invitation to all poultry related businesses who have a web site who would like to show links to their web sites on www.chickenbiz.com to send them to us in a short e mail telling us about your services. Should we find it relevant we will publish it on our page provided you publish our link to www.chickenbiz.com on your web site.

Last Request

Those Facebook users who clicked Like on our Facebook Page could you please follow us on Facebook too. We would really appreciate it.

Buying the Documents.

Please note that our site is secured by a SLL Certificate and that all our transactions are Securely Done through Pay Pal. The site Media Fire where you can download your purchased documents from is also a totally secure site.

Please contact us on sales@chickenbiz. com if you experience any difficulties with the buying process.

Warmest Regards