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Marketing Strategies


In order to create a successful marketing strategy you first have to research your market. As the population continues to grow and fish and red meat remains relatively expensive, there will always be a demand for poultry meat and eggs. You must ensure that there is enough market potential for your product (s) in the area.You can spot a gap in the market by talking to lots of role players in the industry.

Finding out more about the potential customers and the demand for a product should be the starting point for any new business. It is pointless to produce a product or offer a service that is not profitable due to the lack of demand for your product or services.

The first step is to define the research problem in specific terms. The more clearly defined the problem, the more likely you are to have a successful outcome to your research. The second step is to set your research objectives. Always take your time and aim for specific, measurable, accurate, realistic targeted and timely objectives. The third step is to formulate a research plan. You must think carefully as to what type of data to collect, how to gather the information and what questionnaires to design. The data can be new information collected for the first time (Primary Data) or from published reports on web sites, company reports, government publications etc. Primary data is geared towards answering your research problem and objectives. It is therefore specific, relevant and timely. Secondary data can be useful because there is little or no cost involved but is outdated and may not entirely answer your questions.It is a good starting point for small businesses. Data can be numbers (quantitative) or attitudes, opinions and feelings (Qualitative) data.

The fourth step is to analyse the collected data. You can do this with the help of a statistician.Without this you are in danger of drawing incorrect conclusions. The fifth step is to write a report summarizing the findings. Decisions on marketing strategies can then be based on current accurate research. Remember to include in your business plan a list of your potential customers, the pricing policy, The advertising and distribution plan, the quantities you intend to sell and how often and mention how you intend to build up a good reputation.Also mention how you can take advantage of your strengths and the competitions weaknesses.

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