Layer Farming Tools Product Description




Layer Farming Tools:

  • Sample Business Plan for Layers

This tool is available in one type of document format.

The option is in Microsoft Word format. With this format you are able to edit the document.

It is a 10 page sample business plan for a farmer who has a layer farm wishing to obtain a loan to expand his layer farming operations. Using this document will give you an excellent example of what to consider under each heading of your personal business plan.

Together with the sample business plan is a Microsoft Excel Worksheet populated with all the formulas needed for the sample business plan. You can edit and adapt the worksheet for your own personal business plan.

  • Layer Farm Cash Flow Projection

It is a two page Microsoft Word cash flow projection for the sample business plan.It will assist you in drafting your own cash flow projection for your own layer farm business plan.

  • Layer Calculation Formulas

It is a one page Microsoft Word document with the following essential mathematical formulas for successful layer farming.

Rate of lay, Weekly Mortality, Cumulative Mortality, Eggs/Hens Housed, Egg Weight, Feed Intake and Feed Conversion.

  •  Layer Flock and Cash Flow Worksheet

Two Microsoft Excel worksheets with all the formulas to manage your flock and do your projected cash flow with. An absolutely essential tool for drawing up your business plan and successfully manage your layer flock.

  • Layer Input Costs
  • A Microsoft Excel Worksheet populated with all the formulas needed to manage your total input costs for layer farming.

We recommend that you use all the products mentioned whether you are an emerging farmer or an existing farmer wanting to increase your management performance or raise finance whether it be a grant or a loan wherever you are situated in the world.


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