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Food Security – Become a Poultry Revolution Entrepreneur

As our population screams on upward towards 2 billion, Africa hosts the fastest growing population of any continent.  Currently, one in 6 people live in Africa whereas by 2050 this will increase to every fourth person on the planet being an African!  This growth rate is staggering and translates directly to a huge increase in demand for food.  As chicken is a staple food item across the continent, the requirement for reliable supplies of chicken continues to increase.

Poultry farming also holds several advantages over crop production in that you can plan production to meet growing demand; you can account for seasonality; you are not dependent on the weather; you can supply products at the optimal size according to market demand; you can produce a consistent product of a predictably high quality and you can produce poultry consistently throughout the year provided you have a quality business plan and management tools.

Join the Poultry Revolution by buying sound business plans and tools for just ZAR 30 for either Broilers or Layers or both together for a measly ZAR 60

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