Monthly Archives: November 2018

Act Now

Dear Poultry Revolution Entrepreneurs. Christmas is nearly upon us.Be pro active and buy that special person a life long gift by buying them layer or boiler business plans for ZAR 30 each. Not only will they have food for their family but make money for years when starting their poultry business. Give a man a chicken and he might eat for 2 days and be broke.Teach him to farm poultry successfully and he will eat chickens for the rest of his life and have money in the bank – Kind Regards, AdminΒ πŸ£πŸ£πŸ“πŸ“πŸ”πŸ”

Update on our Poultry Revolution

Hallo poultry revolution entrepreneurs. If you are from outside South Africa you can use the Swift Code SBAZAZAJJ to transfer your ZAR 30 to Standard Bank
W Jansen van Vuuren Account No: 060607394 to purchase your layer or broiler business plan and managerial document tools. When you have done so e mail proof of payment to with your order “Broiler or Layer ” We will then e mail your documents to you. Let the Poultry Entrepreneur Revolution begin – Admin