Monthly Archives: September 2018

The Poultry Entrepreneur Revolution

Today 17 September 2018 will be remembered in History as the day we decided to create at least three million successful Poultry Entrepreneurs.
You need a great and tested Business Plan as well as Management Tools to be a successful entrepreneur of any kind. Once you are started you also need Advertising so that people know about your business.

We are slashing the price of our acclaimed Business Plans for Broilers and Layers together with the management tools to a level where even the poorest of the poor want to be Poultry Entrepreneur can afford our Quality and Proven Business Plans and Management Tools. Once your business is established you can advertise for free on this page once a week and for free on our Webb site for three months and thereafter for a very small amount per month. Think of USD 5 per month. We hope that we can finish the pricing structure and changes to the Webb site by Friday to let this Revolution begin. 👍👍👍